Information about an interposed request for operation invocation. All interposers would receive an instance of this structure as an input parameter.


Required Property Name Type Description
required groups array of StdInterpositionSecurityPrincipal

Groups of the user who started the interposed operation. Would be empty if there is no authentication information.

required operation_id string

Name of the interposed operation. In canonical format. For example say_hello.

required operation_input AnyType

Input of the interposed operation.

required service_id string

Fully qualified name of the service which contains the interposed operation. In canonical format. For example org.example.hello.

optional user StdInterpositionSecurityPrincipal

User which started the interposed operation. There could be no authentication information. For example when methods are invoked anonymously.

JSON Example

    "groups": [
            "name": "string"
    "operation_id": "string",
    "service_id": "string"

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