The Tls.ReplaceSpec structure contains information to generate a Private Key , CSR and hence VMCA signed machine SSL.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional common_name string

The common name of the host for which certificate is generated If unset will default to PNID of host.

required country string

Country field in certificate subject

required email_address string

Email field in Certificate extensions

optional key_size integer

The size of the key to be used for public and private key generation. If unset the key size will be ‘2048’.

required locality string

Locality field in certificate subject

required organization string

Organization field in certificate subject

required organization_unit string

Organization unit field in certificate subject

required state_or_province string

State field in certificate subject

optional subject_alt_name array of string

SubjectAltName is list of Dns Names and Ip addresses If unset PNID of host will be used as IPAddress or Hostname for certificate generation .

JSON Example

    "country": "string",
    "email_address": "string",
    "locality": "string",
    "organization": "string",
    "organization_unit": "string",
    "state_or_province": "string"

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