The Datastore.Info structure contains information about a datastore.


Required Property Name Type Description
required accessible boolean

Whether or not this datastore is accessible.

optional free_space integer

Available space of this datastore, in bytes. The server periodically updates this value.

This field will be unset if the available space of this datastore is not known.

required multiple_host_access boolean

Whether or not ore than one host in the datacenter has been configured with access to the datastore.

required name string

Name of the datastore.

required thin_provisioning_supported boolean

Whether or not the datastore supports thin provisioning on a per file basis. When thin provisioning is used, backing storage is lazily allocated.

required type DatastoreType Enum

Type (Type) of the datastore.

JSON Example

    "accessible": false,
    "multiple_host_access": false,
    "name": "string",
    "thin_provisioning_supported": false,
    "type": "enum"

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