The Datastore.Type enumerated type defines the supported types of vCenter datastores.
VMFS : VMware File System (ESX Server only).
NFS : Network file system v3 (linux & esx servers only).
NFS41 : Network file system v4.1 (linux & esx servers only).
CIFS : Common Internet File System.
VSAN : Virtual SAN (ESX Server only).
VFFS : Flash Read Cache (ESX Server only).
VVOL : vSphere Virtual Volume (ESX Server only).
PMEM : Persistent Memory File System (ESX Server only). Warning: This constant is part of a new feature in development. It may be changed at any time and may not have all supported functionality implemented.

Enumeration:   VMFS,   NFS,   NFS41,   CIFS,   VSAN,   VFFS,   VVOL,   PMEM,  


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