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The Migrate.MigrateSpec structure contains the fields to migrate an existing vCenter Server for Windows to an appliance.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional active_directory MigrateActiveDirectorySpec

Information specific to the Active Directory server to which the source windows vCenter Server is joined. If unset, existing appliance will not be joined to an Active Directory.

optional auto_answer boolean

Use the default option for any questions that may come up during appliance configuration. If unset, will default to false.

required existing_migration_assistant MigrateMigrationAssistantSpec

Information specific to the Migration Assistant that is running on the Windows vCenter Server.

optional history DeploymentHistoryMigrationSpec

Determines how vCenter history will be migrated during the migration process. vCenter history consists of: - Statistics - Events - Tasks By default only core data will be migrated. Use this spec to define which part of vCenter history data will be migrated and when. If unset, only core database content will be migrated.

optional psc MigratePscSpec

Information specific to a Platform Services Controller. Only required if the vCenter Server that is going to be migrated is a Platform Services Controller.

required source_vc_windows MigrateSourceVcWindows

Information specific to the Windows vCenter Server.

optional vcsa_embedded MigrateVcsaEmbeddedSpec

Information specific to an embedded vCenter Server. Only required if the vCenter Server that is going to be migrated is an embedded vCenter Server.


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