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The RemotePscSpec structure contains information used to configure an external vCenter Server that registers with a remote PSC.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional https_port integer

The HTTPS port of the external PSC appliance. If unset, port 443 will be used.

required psc_hostname string

The IP address or DNS resolvable name of the remote PSC to which this configuring vCenter Server will be registered to.

optional ssl_thumbprint string

SHA1 thumbprint of the server SSL certificate will be used for verification when ssl_verify field is set to true. This field is only relevant if RemotePscSpec.ssl-verify is unset or has the value true.

optional ssl_verify boolean

SSL verification should be enabled or disabled. If RemotePscSpec.ssl-verify is true and and RemotePscSpec.ssl-thumbprint is unset, the CA certificate will be used for verification. If RemotePscSpec.ssl-verify is true and RemotePscSpec.ssl-thumbprint is set then the thumbprint will be used for verification. No verification will be performed if RemotePscSpec.ssl-verify value is set to false. If unset, RemotePscSpec.ssl-verify true will be used.

required sso_admin_password string

The SSO administrator account password.


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