The SourceInfo {structure contains information about the source vCenter Server system and the database migration options.


active_directory_domain Required

The domain name of the Active Directory server to which the source vCenter Server is joined.

data_migration_info Optional

Contains all the available migrate options, estimated export and import time and the space required to migrate the data. This field will be available if estimate data is available for the appliance.

deployment_size Required

Deployment size of the source vCenter Server.

deployment_type Required

Deployment type of the source vCenter Server.

array of string
dns_servers Required

IP addresses of the DNS servers of the Active Directory server.

hostname Required

The IP address or DNS resolvable name of the source vCenter Server.

sso_domain_name Required

The SSO domain name of the source vCenter Server.

version Required

Source vCenter Server version.

JSON Example

    "active_directory_domain": "string",
    "deployment_size": "enum",
    "deployment_type": "enum",
    "dns_servers": [
    "hostname": "string",
    "sso_domain_name": "string",
    "version": "string"

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