The WindowsNetworkAdapterSettings structure specifies Windows specific Network settings for a virtual network adapter.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional dns_domain string

A DNS domain suffix such as If unset, no DNS domain is set.

optional dns_servers array of string

A list of server IP addresses to use for DNS lookup in a Windows guest operating system. These servers should be specified in the order of preference. If this list is not empty, and if a DHCP IP address is used, then these settings override the DHCP settings.

If unset, no DNS servers are set.

optional net_BIOS_mode GuestWindowsNetworkAdapterSettingsNetBIOSMode Enum

NetBIOS setting for Windows. If unset, existing NetBIOS mode will be retained.

optional wins_servers array of string

List of WINS Servers to set for the Windows guest operating system. A Maximum of two IP addresses can be specified in this list. The first IP address will be set as the primary WINS server. The second IP address will be set as the secondary WINS server. If unset, no WINS Servers are set.

JSON Example

    "dns_domain": "string",
    "dns_servers": [
    "net_BIOS_mode": "enum",
    "wins_servers": [

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