The WindowsSysprep structure provides all the settings like user details, administrator details, etc that need to applied for a windows guest operating system during customization.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional domain GuestDomain

Information needed to join a workgroup or domain. If unset, the guest will not be joined to any workgroup or a domain.

optional gui_run_once_commands array of string

A list of commands to run at first user logon, after customizing the guest. These commands are directly mapped to the GuiRunOnce key in the sysprep.xml answer file. These commands are transferred into the sysprep.xml file that VirtualCenter stores on the target virtual disk. For more information about performing unattended installation, check The commands listed here ar executed when a user logs on the first time after customization completes. The logon may be driven by setting. These commands are directly mapped to the GuiRunOnce key in the If unset, no commands are run.

required gui_unattended GuestGuiUnattended

Information related to unattended installation.

required user_data GuestUserData

Personal data pertaining to the owner of the virtual machine.

JSON Example

    "gui_unattended": {
        "auto_logon": false,
        "auto_logon_count": 0,
        "time_zone": 0
    "user_data": {
        "computer_name": {
            "type": "enum"
        "full_name": "string",
        "organization": "string",
        "product_key": "string"

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