The Clusters.Ipv4Range contains specification to configure multiple interfaces in IPv4. The range of IPv4 addresses is derived by incrementing the startingAddress to the specified addressCount. To use the object for a single IPv4 address specification, set addressCount to 1.


Required Property Name Type Description
required address_count integer

The number of IP addresses in the range. Addresses are derived by incrementing Clusters.Ipv4Range.starting-address.

required gateway string

The IPv4 address of the gateway associated with the range indicated by Clusters.Ipv4Range.starting-address and Clusters.Ipv4Range.address-count.

required starting_address string

The IPv4 address denoting the start of the range.

required subnet_mask string

Subnet mask to be set.

JSON Example

    "address_count": 0,
    "gateway": "string",
    "starting_address": "string",
    "subnet_mask": "string"

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