The Clusters.Info structure contains detailed information about the cluster upgrade status and related information.


array of string
available_versions Required

Set of available versions can be upgraded to.

current_version Required

Current version of the cluster.

messages Required

Current set of messages associated with the cluster version.

state Required

Current state of the upgrade.

Possible values are: PENDINGREADYERROR

string as date-time
last_upgraded_date Optional

Date of last successful upgrade. If unset, the cluster has not yet been upgraded.

upgrade_status Optional

Information about upgrade in progress. If unset, the cluster upgrade is not in progress.

JSON Example

    "available_versions": [
    "current_version": "string",
    "messages": [
            "details": {
                "args": [
                "default_message": "string",
                "id": "string"
            "severity": "enum"
    "state": "enum"
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