The Instances.UpdateSpec structure contains the specification required to update the configuration on the namespace. This structure is applied partially, and only the specified fields will replace or modify their existing counterparts.


Required Property Name Type Description
optional access_list array of NamespacesInstancesAccess

Access control associated with the namespace. If unset, access controls on the namespace will not be modified. Existing pods from users will continue to run.

optional description string

Description for the namespace. If unset, the description of the namespace will not be modified.

optional resource_spec object

Resource quota updates on the namespace. Refer to com.vmware.vcenter.namespace_management.NamespaceResourceOptions.Info#updateResourceQuotaType and use com.vmware.vcenter.namespace_management.NamespaceResourceOptions#get for retrieving the type for the value for this field. For an example of this, see ResourceQuotaOptionsV1Update. If unset, the resource constraints on the namespace will not be modified.

optional storage_specs array of NamespacesInstancesStorageSpec

Storage associated with the namespace. If unset, storage policies and their limit will not be modified. Pods which are already using persistent storage from the earlier version of storage policies will be able to access them till the datastores are attached to the worker nodes.

Parameter To

Update Instances

JSON Example

    "access_list": [
            "domain": "string",
            "role": "enum",
            "subject": "string",
            "subject_type": "enum"
    "description": "string",
    "storage_specs": [
            "limit": 0,
            "policy": "string"

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