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The ParseIssue structure contains the information about the issue found when parsing an OVF package during deployment or exporting an OVF package including: - Parsing and validation error on OVF descriptor (which is an XML document), manifest and certificate files. - OVF descriptor generating and device error. - Unexpected server error.


Required Property Name Type Description
required category ParseIssueCategory Enum

The category of the parse issue.

required column_number integer

The position in the line (see ParseIssue.line-number) (or -1 if not applicable).

required file string

The name of the file in which the parse issue was found.

required line_number integer

The line number of the line in the file (see ParseIssue.file) where the parse issue was found (or -1 if not applicable).

required message StdLocalizableMessage

A localizable message describing the parse issue.


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