The Settings.Info structure contains information that describes the TPM 2.0 protocol settings.


Required Property Name Type Description
required details array of StdLocalizableMessage

Details regarding the health. When the Settings.Health is not OK or NONE, this member will provide an actionable description of the issues present.

required health TrustedInfrastructureTrustAuthorityClustersAttestationTpm2SettingsHealth Enum

A health indicator which indicates whether each host in the cluster has the same attestation settings.

required require_certificate_validation boolean

Require TPM endorsement key certificate validation. During attestation, the attested host will send its endorsement key certificate if one is available. With this option set, the Attestation Service will validate the endorsement key certificate against the list of configured trusted TPM CA certificates. Only endorsement key certificates that are signed by a trusted TPM CA certificate will be able to successfully attest.

required require_endorsement_keys boolean

Require registered TPM endorsement keys. During attestation, the attested host will always send its endorsement key to the Attestation Service. With this option is set, the Attestation Service will only proceed with attestation if the endorsement key has been added to the list of configured trusted endorsement keys.

JSON Example

    "health": "enum",
    "require_certificate_validation": false,
    "require_endorsement_keys": false

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