The Providers.Info structure contains fields that describe the current configuration of a provider.


Required Property Name Type Description
required key_server TrustedInfrastructureTrustAuthorityClustersKmsProvidersKeyServerInfo

Key server associated with this provider.

required master_key_id string

Master key identifier created for the provider. A unique Key identifier.

required status TrustedInfrastructureTrustAuthorityClustersKmsProvidersStatus

Status of the provider in the cluster.

JSON Example

    "key_server": {
        "description": "string",
        "type": "enum"
    "master_key_id": "string",
    "status": {
        "health": "enum",
        "servers": [
                "client_trust_server": false,
                "health": "enum",
                "name": "string",
                "server_trust_client": false

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