The Providers.KeyServerUpdateSpec structure contains fields that describe new configuration for an existing key server.


integer as int64
connection_timeout Optional

Connection timeout in seconds.

If unset, connection timeout will remain unchanged.

description Optional

Description of the key server.

If unset, description will remain unchanged.

kmip_server Optional

Configuration information for KMIP based key server.

If unset, kmip server configuration will remain unchanged.

proxy_server Optional

Proxy server configuration.

If unset, proxy server configuration will remain unchanged.

type Optional

Type of the key server.

If unset, key server type and configuration information will remain unchanged. In this case all key server configuration information fields (e.g KMIP) should be unset.

Possible values are: KMIP

JSON Example

    "connection_timeout": 0,
    "description": "string",
    "kmip_server": {
        "servers": [
                "address": {
                    "hostname": "string",
                    "port": 0
                "name": "string"
        "username": "string"
    "proxy_server": {
        "hostname": "string",
        "port": 0
    "type": "enum"

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