The Interfaces.IpAddressInfo structure describes a specific IP Address.


ip_address Required

IPv4 address is specified using dotted decimal notation. For example, “”. IPv6 addresses are 128-bit addresses specified using eight fields of up to four hexadecimal digits. A colon separates each field (:). For example, 2001:DB8:101::230:6eff:fe04:d9ff. The address can also consist of the symbol ‘::’ to represent multiple 16-bit groups of contiguous 0’s only once in an address as described in RFC 2373.

origin Optional

How this address was configured. If unset the data was not available.

prefix_length Required

Denotes the length of a generic Internet network address prefix. Prefix length: the valid range of values is 0-32 for IPv4, and 0-128 for IPv6. A value of n corresponds to an IP address mask that has n contiguous 1-bits from the most significant bit (MSB), with all other bits set to 0. A value of zero is valid only if the calling context defines it.

state Required

The state of this ipAddress.

JSON Example

    "ip_address": "string",
    "prefix_length": 0,
    "state": "enum"

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