The Scsi.CreateSpec structure provides a specification for the configuration of a newly-created virtual SCSI adapter.


bus Optional

SCSI bus number. If unset, the server will choose an available bus number; if none is available, the request will fail.

pci_slot_number Optional

Address of the SCSI adapter on the PCI bus. If the PCI address is invalid, the server will change it when the VM is started or as the device is hot added. If unset, the server will choose an available address when the virtual machine is powered on.

sharing Optional

Bus sharing mode. If unset, the adapter will default to NONE.

type Optional

Adapter type. If unset, a guest-specific default value will be used.

JSON Example

    "bus": 0,
    "pci_slot_number": 0,
    "sharing": "enum",
    "type": "enum"

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