This sample demonstrates deleting a scheduled task

url            [required] : url of the web service
username       [required] : username for the authentication
password       [required] : password for the authentication
taskname       [required] : name of the task to be deleted

Command Line:
run.bat com.vmware.scheduling.DeleteOneTimeScheduledTask
--url [webserviceurl] --username [username] --password [password]
--taskname [TaskToBeDeleted]

VMware vSphere Web Services Java Samples

This sample was originally released as a part of vSphere 6.0 under license terms that contained a provision that disallowed redistribution in source form. In order to encourage growth of community around VMware samples, these samples are being re-released under a commercially friendly open source license (BSD 3-Clause). See the file header for details.

The samples themselves are identical to the official release version with the exception of a changed copyright and license header on each file.

If you wish to run this sample, please download the official SDK from and follow the provided instructions.

These samples are provided for reference with no warranty expressed or implied.

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