Create Cloud management portal based on VRA APIs

This sample web app shows how to create your own cloud management portal based on vRealize Automation Rest APIs.

Key part of this sample is the javascript file, which shows how to perform follow tasks using VRA 7 Rest APIs:

1.  Retrieve available catalog services for user.

2. Request a catalog service (blueprint).

3. List user's requests.

4. List user's virtual machines.

5. Perform actions on VM, such as power on, power off, open console.

6. Retrieve image icons of an item.

some screen shots of this sample web app:

1. To request a catalog service:

2. List catalog services:


3. List user requests:


4. List user VMs:

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Comments 1

1135190589 5 years ago
HI chengminc,

Thanks for giving very good sample for portal creation,
this was what we are trying to create same scenario that we find perfect sample to develop vRA portal branding by creating a web page
i have go through your complete project so have some doubts to be clarify before we modify this code in our lab do you integrated vrelaize automation appliance with this module
2.i have not seen vra HOST added or linked with thsi module so how so you get token authentication and catalog items list details
3.we need to know more about this sample integrate with vra appliance

Requesting you to share complete documented