Deploy vSAN 6.2 using the vSAN Management SDK for Python

This file includes sample code to configure a vSAN cluster.

Before running this script, please make sure you have a vCenter Server, Cluster, and a proper vSAN license.

The code has been tested with the following configuration

Testbed: One cluster with four hosts. Each host has one 50G SSD and two 100G SSD


  1. Please make sure your vSAN's license contains All-Flash if deploying All-Flash
  2. The cluster does not have vSAN turned on
  3. The hosts are part of a vsphere Cluster

Case1: Create a vSAN cluster 

python -s <VCENTERSERVER> -u user -p password --cluster CLUSTER --allflash --vmknic vmkX --vsanlicense 

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2719005674 3 years ago
is there a way to remove passing arguments and use variables instead i am trying to automate this though a work flow i have.