VRealize Operations Maintenance Mode

vRealize Operations Maintenance Mode

Places a vSphere Inventory object into maintenance mode in vRealize Operations



Set All VMs with a name as backup as being in maintenance mode for 20 minutes:

Get-VM backup* | Enable-OMMaintenance -MaintenanceTime 20

Name Health ResourceKind Description
---- ------ ------------ -----------
backup-089e13fd-7d7a-0 Grey VirtualMachine
backup-d90e0b39-2618-0 Grey VirtualMachine
backup-e48ca842-316a-0 Grey VirtualMachine
backup-77da3713-919a-0 Grey VirtualMachine
backup-c32f4da8-86c4-0 Grey VirtualMachine
backup-c3fcb95c-cfe2-0 Grey VirtualMachine
backup-4318bb1e-614a-0 Grey VirtualMachine

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3696310635 4 years ago
For anyone interested I have written a Powershell script which just uses invoke-RestMethod and hits the Suite-API.... in case you cant install PowerCLI...

Check it out here: http://vman.ch/vrops-maintenance-mode-for-resources/