WordPress Multi Tier on Windows

Included On this blueprint:

  • Muti Tier Windows 2012 VSphere Machine 
  • Single External Network
  • All Software components



vSphere template being used must be configured with the application authoring Agent

External Network must be replaced with your own

While the base software components are configured to grab installers from the internet, The Blueprint was configured to download the files from a local http content source. For ease of use and speed of deployment download binaries to local source and replace the URL property on the software components with your own. 

Once everything is configured, all is needed is to entitle the blueprint in order to consume it from the catalog.

When deployed browse to the web server http://<IP>/wordpress

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2150582406 3 years ago
Thank you for the blueprint. I have a query, how do you fetch the IP address of the newly created DB server so that could be passed in the wordpress config file.