Docker Photon Host Blueprint

Docker Photon Host vRealize Automation Blueprint

Included on this Blueprint:

  • 1 vSphere Machine
  • One External Network
  • Docker Host Software Component which enable the docker remote API and enable Firewall rules for port 2375


* You wlll need to re-map 1 vSphere machines to the correct CentOS 1.0 Imange template on your environment.

The template must contain the Application Authoring Agent.

** The External network need to be created and associated correctly inside the blueprint


To install the Application Authoring Agent follow these steps and apply it on your photon 1.0 temaplte using the :

install the following extra packages :

tdnf install wget
tdnf install unzip
tdnf install yum

tdnf install perl
tdnf install chkconfig 
tdnf install initscripts
tdnf install dmidecode

run wget to download the prepare_vra_template :

wget --no-check-certificate https://fqdn_vRA:5480/service/software/download/
Run chmod +x to convert it to an executable
before we run the script we need to change a few things : 
- edit the file by running - > vi and hit i for -- insert --
- Go to line 612 and find and replace "red hat" with "VMware Photon"
- Go to line 614 and find and replace "release 7" with "1.0"
- Save the file and exist

Create the following folders on / level - > /opt/vmware-jre .. once you have the folder structure proceed to the next step.

Run the script and provide all the information its requesting, and make sure you answer no for the checking the certificate. the script will detect the linux Distro as - > rhel64 and will allow you to install both the gugent again and the application authoring agent.

you ll need to rename the following files below  to "" instead, placing an "x' infront of each file, otherwise your vRA provisioning will fail at the end with error " CustomizeOS : Failure executing script ''"

/usr/share/gugent/site/CustomizeOS/ <---- Mainly this one, the other two above are optional

for some reason and because we installed the software agent , You ll also need to rename the in the same location to "", otherwise the provisiong will fail.

One last package to download using yum .. - > yum install awk
Capture your image and use with vRA to provision a VM leveraging software components

You just installed both the gugent and the application bootstrap successfully, Congratulation! :)



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