Windows Docker Engine

  • v1.0 - 12/5/2016:  Initial release.
  • v1.1 - 12/6/2016:  Added steps to allow Docker service to start without any interaction.


This software blueprint installs the Docker Engine on a Windows Server 2016 VM, configures it to listen on local sockets and TCP 2375 (insecure), and opens firewall ports for all zones. It requires Internet access from the deployed Windows Server 2016, the software bootstrap agent installed on your template, and a vRealize Automation Enterprise license with vRA 7.2.

IMPORTANT:  The software bootstrap agent must be installed as the localSystem option. This blueprint will not work running as local user darwin.

Fill out the two properties provided in order to allow the machine on which this software component will be used to perform a one-time auto logon of a user account specified. After the indicated user logs on, the Docker daemon should start successfully. The auto logon information is then removed from the system leaving the remote API accessible without any further interaction.


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