Photon Docker Engine

  • v1.0 - 12/8/2016:  Initial release.

This software blueprint will update and configure the existing Docker engine on a deployed Photon OS VM. It enables the Docker engine to listen on local Unix sockets as well as remotely over TCP 2375 (insecure). To use this blueprint, you must have vRA 7.2, an Enterprise license, and the software bootstrap agent installed. Since some slight modifications have to be made to install the guest agent/software bootstrap agent, follow these instructions below.

Installing the guest/software agent on Photon OS

  1. From a fresh Photon OVA (, import it into your vSphere.
  2. Change the root password to your preference (defaults to 'changeme').
  3. If you choose, update the packages from the Photon repo with tdnf distro-sync -y
  4. Install these packages with  tdnf install -y unzip gawk wget perl chkconfig dmidecode
  5. Create additional directories with mkdir /opt /opt/vmware-jre 
  6. Reboot Photon with a simple reboot command.
  7. From a session inside your Photon template, download the agent installer script with wget --no-check-certificate https://<vraFQDN>/software/download/
  8. Edit the script using vim or a similar editor at the following lines:
    • Line 31:  arch=$ARCH64
    • Line 33:  archSoftwareAgentRPM=rhel64
    • Line 36:  distro=rhel64
    • Line 42:  use_rpm=true
  9. Make sure the script is executable with chmod +x
  10. Execute the script and fill in the remainder of the details as prompted.

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