PowerCLI vSAN Witness Deployment

This script deploys a vSAN 6.0/6.5/6.7/& 6.7 P01 Witness Appliance. It will:

  • Configure networking
  • Add the vSAN Witness to vCenter
  • Allows either Management (vmk0) or vmk1 to have vSAN Traffic tagged (not both) (v2/v3)
  • Sets static routes (if they are set) and vmk1 is used
  • Makes the vSAN Witness Host available for use in a vSAN Stretched or 2 Node Cluster

v2 changed the DNS lookup method and will now run on PowerCLI Core as well as PowerCLI Desktop
v3 added support for the vSAN 6.7 P01 Witness Appliance and adds ping check to ensure the vSAN Witness is up before attempting to add it to vCenter.

Syntax is:


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