vRealize Automation - Catalog Service

The catalog service REST API is designed to be used by the consumers of the service catalog; for example, an end user who wants to request a catalog item would be a consumer of this API.

Available Use Cases

Catalog Item Request Submission

You can use the following workflow to submit a catalog request programmatically. A sample of this workflow is available in the postman collection for catalog service.

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Request Tracking

  • Track catalog request for a given user
  • Track individual component requests
  • Get deployment and resources for the deployment for a given request.
  • Get all failed requests for a given tenant

A blog about request tracking

Day 2

  • List all provisioned resources
  • Get components of a deployment
  • Get a resource
  • Get available resource actions
  • Get resource action request template
  • Submit day 2 resource actions

Day 2 Machine Actions

  • Submit a reconfigure request
  • Scale out machines
  • Scale out machines with nested blueprint
  • Change Owner

vRealize Automation API Tips

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