vRealize Automation - NSX Integration

NSX integration in vRealize Automation can help creating and configuring existing networks, on-demand NAT networks and on-demand routed networks, creating load balancers, and adding and configuring security groups and security tags for vSphere machines.

Available Use Cases

Manage Network Profiles

Import "vRA Samples - Network Profiles.postman_collection.json" in Postman

  • CRUD on network profiles
  • Create external network profiles
  • Create NAT network profiles
  • Create Routed network profiles

NSX Provisioning Setup

Import "vRA Samples - NSX Provisioning Configuration.postman_collection.json"


  • Create vSphere endpoint
  • Create NSX endpoint with vSphere endpoint association

Network Profiles

  • Create external network profile
  • Create NAT network profile
  • Create Routed network profile


  • Get reservation networks to select in reservation
  • Get reservation routed gateway to select in reservation
  • Get security group to select in reservation
  • Create vSphere reservation with NSX components

Import Blueprints

  • Import blueprints (samples in /resources folder, import only .zip folder)

NOTE: All these methods have variable names defined in the format of {{variable-name}}. Make sure to replace them before calling the method.

vRealize Automation API Tips

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