Windows - Enable UWP Kiosk Mode

AssignedAccess CSP


  • Author: Josue Negron
  • Email:
  • Date Created: 6/8/2017
  • Supported Platforms: Windows 10 Enterprise and Education
  • Tested on Windows 10: 1511, 1607, 1703


The AssignedAccess CSP is used to enable single app kiosk mode on Windows 10 devices for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. For Win32 apps you can use Shell Launcher; more information can be found in the Additional Resources section below.

Required Changes/Updates

You must update the data under Account using the username of the local user on the device or domain\username for domain users on the device. You also have to update the AUMID value for the UWP app you would like to lock into kiosk mode. Refer to How to Find an App's AUMID for more information on obtaining the AUMID value.

Change Log

  • 6/8/2017: Created Sample AssignedAccess CSP

Additional Resources

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