vSphere Automation Tagging Workflow

vSphere Automation Ruby workflow sample that demonstrates the tagging CRUD operations.

This sample is a part of the VMware vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby

To build and run this sample, please use git to clone the entire SDK locally:
git clone https://github.com/vmware/vsphere-automation-sdk-ruby.git
The README.md file in the root of the Github project contains a quick start guide and instructions to build and run the samples. The SDK is open source, so the README also contains instructions on how you can contribute samples back to the SDK!

DEPRECATED VMware vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby

VMware has announced deprecation of vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby, effective March 29th, 2022. We highly recommend all our customers and partners to migrate from these SDKs to either vSphere Automation SDK for Python or vSphere Automation SDK for Java. Refer to https://ikb.vmware.com/s/article/87632 for more details.


The vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby can be installed from RubyGems. It is available as a single gem containing all parts of the SDK or as individual components.

To use the entire SDK from a single gem, use:

gem 'vsphere-automation-sdk', '~> 0.4.7'

The components are modular so you can choose to only install the components you need, for example:

gem 'vsphere-automation-cis', '~> 0.4.7'
gem 'vsphere-automation-vcenter', '~> 0.4.7'


Note: This only applies if you used a previous version of the gem that you had to manually build and install from source.

If you used a prior iteration of this SDK (with a version 6.x.y), you had to build and install the gem from source. If you don't pin to a particular version in your Gemfile (which is highly recommended), Bundler will resolve to the latest version of the gem. To get around this, either pin to a particular version or remove the prior version of the gem.

This version is not backwards compatible with the previous versions (version 6.x.y).


The documentation for the vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby API can be viewed here. The documentation for the REST APIs used by this SDK can be viewed here. To try the APIs interactively, you can use the API Explorer. You can view it by going to https://<your vCenter>/apiexplorer.


You can view samples of how to use this SDK within the sample folder. If you would like to see a sample, feel free to create an issue describing what you would like to see. If you would like to modify, extend, or contribute a sample, see the contributing guidelines.


This project uses semantic versioning. You can safely express a dependency on a major version and expect all minor and patch versions to be backwards compatible.


To contribute to the vSphere Automation SDK for Ruby, see the contributing guidelines.

Available Components

The available components include

Component Gem Name Module
Appliance vsphere-automation-appliance VSphereAutomation::Appliance
CIS vsphere-automation-cis VSphereAutomation::CIS
Content vsphere-automation-content VSphereAutomation::Content
VAPI vsphere-automation-vapi VSphereAutomation::VAPI
vCenter vsphere-automation-vcenter VSphereAutomation::VCenter

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