Sample vSAN Encryption Report

This script shows a basic enumeration of vSAN Encryption reporting using the Get-VsanView cmdlet.

It shows overall health as well as some detailed reporting.


Requires PowerCLI 6.5.1 (or higher) and vSAN 6.6 with Encryption enabled.


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2707265454 3 years ago
Hi Jase,

I tried to run this script but i was not getting any output. I did below changes in script and it worked.

# If vSAN is enabled and it is Encrypted
#If($Cluster.vSanEnabled -And $EncryptedVsan.EncryptionEnabled){ <--- old line
If($Cluster.vSanEnabled ){ <--- new line

also I was getting error cluster object already deleted (line 51).... but just closing and starting new powershell window resolved that error.

jmccarty 3 years ago

I've seen both of those errors before, and they were resolved by a new Powershell session.
4552205780 2 years ago
Jase, great script. Would be good if some of these commands were not exclusive to VSAN? KMS Healthy should be universal, not just limited to VSAN enabled clusters?