Extend Disk vRealize Automation Workflow

This VMware Orchestrator workflow package will extend the C drive of a virtual disk in vRealize Automation from a vCenter (vSphere) machine template blueprint.

The workflow receives a payload of properties from vRealize Automation for the VM's 'VirtualMachine.Admin.UUID' value and disk space for hard drive 1 (C drive) 'newSizeGb', looks up the VM's UUID in vCenter, translates it to the proper input syntax, passes that value as VC:VirtualMachine into the 'extendHardDisk1' element along with the string value for disk space to resize the VM in vSphere.

This workflow is meant to be invoked by the vRealize Automation Event Broker when virtual machines are provisioned.

Once imported, edit the CMD-Extend-Hard_Disk-1 workflow attributes to add values for the user account that will log into Windows to extend the volume.
Assign values to these input attributes:


List of Workflows

  • vRA_Extend-C_Drive-IntoGuest
  • CMD-Extend-Hard_Disk_1
  • extendDisk
  • Copy file from vCO to guest
  • Run program in guest

List of Actions

  • findVcVmByUuid
  • vim3WaitTaskEnd

List of Resources

  • extend.cmd
  • extend.txt
  • extend.ps1

Workflow package

  • com.vra.extensibility.c-drive

Workflow Schema

Deatils are published here:


Rob Shaw - 11/14/2017

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