Windows 10 - Embedded Shell Launcher

Sample scripts which can be deployed to Windows devices via AirWatch's Product Provisioning. These PowerShell scripts will enable you to lock down your Windows 10 device into kiosk mode using a Win32 application (Desktop App). You have the ability via our profile UI to enable single app mode (assigned access) for UWP apps, however, if you are wanting to do kiosk mode with IE or Chrome, for example, you can leverage this script. The example will kiosk a user named 'Kiosk' into the Google Chrome app. Make sure to execute the Enable ESL batch (.BAT) file before executing the PowerShell scripts to enable the Embedded Shell Launcher feature required to kiosk the device. These scripts require modifications before using in production environments, to best suit your use-cases.

Supported on: Windows 10 Enterprise and Education

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