Sample 2 Node vSAN Deployment Script

  • I started some of this with PowerCLI 6.x and have recently only used it with PowerCLI 10.x 
  • vSphere 6.5 Update 1 (July 2017) is the earliest build I've validated it on lately - Your Mileage May Vary on older builds. Have used it extensively on vSphere 6.7 lately.
  • A VCSA already stood up in a Central Datacenter/Alternate Cluster running a higher version of the VCSA than the ESXi builds. Don't deploy a VCSA 6.5 GA and expect it to work properly with 6.5 U1 Hosts.
  • A Cluster (can contain a single host) that you can deploy the vSAN Witness Appliance to
  • 2 Hosts with vSphere 6.5U1 or higher installed and one or more 10Gb NICs connected directly to the  alternate host. My VDS setup looks for NICs >1Gbps and assumes they are Directly Connected to the alternate host.
  • vSAN Witness Appliance OVA that is the same build as the already deployed ESXi hosts. I may had build checking at some point, but not today, as VUM cmdlets aren't available (that I know of) when using PowerCLI on my Mac.

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