Install Harbor via Bash on CentOS 7

Harbor is an Open Source Project that is sponsored by VMware and is currently being sandboxed by the CNCF. It's a container registry that has all the bells and whistles that include Clair for CVE (critical vulnerability) scanning and Notary for image signing. 

The script will use the virtual machine's fully qualified domain name to automatically generate the files needed and will be using self-signed certificates for quick and easy usage. For my scenario, the virtual machine host name is harbor01 and the domain is vsphere.local. Once again, this is tailored for Cent OS 7. All commands are performed ON the harbor VM. If you want to push images from a different machine to the harbor instance, take the self-signed CA certificates within the `openssl` folder and place them on your machine in the locations shown for Docker and Notary.

To see the complete list of installation instructions along with demo of pushing signed images, please visit How to Install Harbor on CentOS 7 using Bash

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