Enrollment Checker

Enrollment Troubleshooting Tool


  • Author: Mike Nelson
  • Emailmiken@vmware.com
  • Date Created: 08/28/2018
  • Tested on Windows 10 1709, 1803: Completed


This Powershell script allows you to quickly check a device for the required services and network connections required for MDM enrollment.


When run, if command line parameters are not provided, this script collect the required data and display it on the Powershell screen. The script can generate an HTML report for easier review and also collect the logs in the same location as the report to make sharing the information easier.



.\Enrollment-Checker -generateHTMLReport

.\Enrollment-Checker -generateHTMLReport -showReport

.\Enrollment-Checker -collectLogs

.\Enrollment-Checker -generateHTMLReport -collectLogs


generateHTMLReport Generates an HTML report of the gathered information and marks items in red that need to be addressed in order for Enrollment to work correctly.

showReport Immediately opens the report in a browser for review

collectLogs Collects Agent logs to the script's output directory.

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Comments 2

2219182968 4 years ago
Thanks for the code, I use it for the 9.7 agent in my company but I can't get it to work through a proxy. Do you have any ideas?
miken 4 years ago
@Lperie - You can configure the Agent to perform enrollment through the Agent UI. If you select the settings wheel in the UI, then select the proxy tab it can be set there. If that is not working for you, can you please raise a ticket with our Support team so that they can help you troubleshoot.