vSphere VM Performance dashboard

The 3rd example of Performance dashboards. Do get the ESXi and vSphere Cluster dashboards first.

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3194129328 3 years ago
I have recently downloaded your Cluster, ESXi, and VM Perf dashboards but upon my attempts to get them all imported and functional I seem to be missing a Super Metric somewhere along the way that I can not seem to find referenced / included within the various downloads. The Super Metric in question is utilize within this VM Performance dashboard for the Guest OS Page-In Rate Key Performance Indicator. It shows to be referenced as "Super Metric|sm_01b91453-1722-4d93-b2b1-066be0596dd0" when I go edit the VM Perf dashboard and I am curious if it is available for download / import from elsewhere or was perhaps inadvertently not included with these dashboard bundle downloads. Any help you could provide in pointing to where I can acquire / create this Super Metric would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.