vRO package to Execute ANY vRA REST API Calls

This example workflow and action set provides a simple method to perform REST calls to the vRealize Automation (vRA) API. The required Bearer token is obtained automatically using the input vRA Username and Password that has access to the input Tenant. Great for testing how the API works and providing output to debug your logic. You can explore the vRA REST API in the API Explorer section of VMware {code} https://code.vmware.com/apis

Sure, you can use Postman and such, but you'll end up coding in vRO sooner or later.

The main action included in the package, "com.vmware.pso.rest/executeVRARESTHostUrl", can be used directly in your logic to perform whatever calls necessary.

Hint: It is best to create a REST Host for the vRA appliance using just the appliance FQDN (as in: https://vraappliance.corp.com). This allows you to perform calls to any vRA service, such as using the URL: catalog-service/api/services to GET all the vRA services of a tenant, or property-service/api/propertygroups to GET all the vRA property groups in a tenant. However, you can create separate REST hosts for each service if that's how your logic works.

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