vRealize Automation Reporting - Export Requests to CSV Report

The Export Requests CSV Report workflow provides the ability to report on completed catalog item requests in one or more vRA instances submitted after a given date (or within the last 24 hours if no date is given).

The report is saved in CSV format to a vRealize Orchestrator resource element, and provides the option to email the CSV file as an attachment. The report provides the number of successful requests, number of failed requests, and error messages for any failures, attempting to group requests for blueprints of the same OS or application type.


The workflow can be run directly in vRealize Orchestrator, where the resouce element (PSO/vRA/vRA_Latest_Requests.csv) will display the report, or it can be scheduled to run periodically, and provides the option to send the report in an email to administrators or key stakeholders. A sample email is shown below.


Export Requests CSV Report sample email

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Comments 3

7349040197 4 years ago
Could you please re-upload the package. Tried downloading it complains "not a valid package file, dunes-meta-inf is missing!". Thanks.
7349040197 4 years ago
Aaah. Don't bother. Was able to import the package.

For anyone else who is stuck with a similar issue. The downloaded file is azip, extract it with 7zip and then import. Thanks.
3499920210 4 years ago
The report sent to me via mail only contains dummy vra data, do I need to do something else to send live data?