Integrate Avamar backup with vRA through vRO

  1. Based on the reservation policy or location is selected, this code will determine the Avamar domain to place the VM for backup.
  2. Based on the prefix set for policy name, it will filter all other policies & count the number of VMS added to each policy and determine which policy has the least number of VMS added then add the requested provisioned VM to that policy.
  3. E.g if the chosen domain has 5 policies, 3 of those policies name starts with vRA. If vRA property xx.avamar.policyPrefix set to vRA. this code will exclude other two policies and consider only those 3 policies name starts "vRA" prefix and implement the logic to add the VM.
  4. It stores the domain name, policy name so it is easy to determine the VM's domain & policy during the decommissioning process.


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