Infrastructure Issues Dashboard

A dashboard that shows you per vCenter what issues from the cluster configuration like HA and DRS to hosts that are stressed. This dashboard is a great way to start the day with your cup of coffee and validate you have no major issues within your IAAS.



1) Pick List, Choose your vCenter to set the focus of each list.

2)  On what clusters are HA disabled.

3) On what clusters are Admission control disabled.

4) On what clusters are DRS disabled.

5) Hosts that are disconnected

6) Hosts in Maintenance Mode.

7) Host Down

8) Hosts with SSH enabled

9) Host NTP not configured

10) Host Memory 80% or greater

11) Host CPU 80% or greater

12) Datastore usage 90% or greater

13) Datastore Read Latency >10%

14) Datastore Write Latency >10%

15) Network Host Packet Drop



Original Dashboard created by Lan Nguyen for vROps 6.0 updated by Joe Tietz for each version.  




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