Virtual Machine Issues - cup of coffee dashboard

This dashboard helps give you a list of issues that plague VM's from high CPU RDY% to snapshots.

You will want to start off by importing the dashboard VM and all the views that go with it.  You will want to open up Metric Text.txt and copy the contents to Administration --> Configuration --> Metric Configuration--> TxtWidgetContext then click on the green plus side name it Metric Text and paste the contents into that file and press save.

You will then next go to Administration --> Policies --> Policy Library click on policies that you wish to collect metrics for this dashboard and press edit selected policy (The Pencil). Click on number 5 Collect Metrics and Properties, find the metric Guest File System|Guest File System Free (GB) and change the state to local.

#1 If you expand this view it will give you a definition of each metric. 

#2 Is your pick list, in this case, I choose the cluster level.

#3-21 Are various Metrics that show VM's under stress. 

At the bottom of VM Snapshots, you will see a total summary of space. 



Dashboard original creation was  for vROps 6.0 by Lan Nguyen updated and maintained by Joe Tietz

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