Custom Capacity Allocation Overview Dashboard for vRealize Operations 6.7 and 7.0


Use this vRealize Operations dashboard to implement custom allocation ratios. This dashboard is a clone of the Capacity Allocation Overview dashboard customized to support a 2:1 vCPU and 1.1:1 vMem ratios. This dashboard can be easily customized to suit any ratio by changing the ratio in the included super metrics.




  1. Import the super metric at Administration / Configuration / Super Metrics / Import Super Metric
    Import View
  2. Click Browse... then select the file named SuperMetric - Custom Allocation Ratios.json
  3. Edit the Policy at Administration / Policies / Policy Library. The policy should be vSphere Solution's Default Policy (DATE) unless a new policy was explicitly created.
    Policy Library
  4. Enable Super Metric|vCPU Allocation % for 2 vCPU per Core (%) and Super Metric|vMem Allocatoin % for 1.1 Overcommitment per GB (%) Super Metrics on Cluster Compute Resource objects only. Policy Metrics
  5. Import the view at Dashboards / Views / Import...
    Import View
  6. Click Browse... then select the file named Views - Custom Current Allocation Percentage for
  7. Import the dashboard at Dashboards / Actions / Manage Dashboards / Import Dashboards
    Import Dashboard
  8. Click Browse... then select the file named Dashboard - Custom Capacity Allocation
  9. The dashboard should now be available in in the dashboard list
    Dashboard List


This dashboard requires vRealize Operation 6.7 or 7.0 Advanced or Enterprise edition.

Please open an issue for feedback.

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