VM Compare Dashboard

With this dashboard you can compare the same metric from multiple virtual machines.
This dashboard was created in vROps 7.0 and helps you to compare performance of several virtual machines doing similar work or having the same role/function in your infrastructure.

Some examples:

A number of virtual machines that are a group of front-end webservers
Compare performance of similar virtual machines on different vSphere Hosts with different hardware.

1. Download VM Compare Dashboard.zip.
2. Import the Dashboard file VM Compare Dashboard.zip.

How to use:
1. First, select multiple virtual machines (Control+Click each virtual machine for multiple selection), Once your satisfied with the selections click on "Perform Multi-Select Interaction" icon.
2. Select a metric (you need to double-click on the metric), for example CPU usage %
3. After double-clicking the specific metric the sprakline chart is filled with metric information of the selected virtual machines.
4. Select each metric in the sparkline chart to get an overlay of the selected charts to compare the metrics side-by-side. This is achieved by the Split Charts button.

Dashboard sample: https://rickverstegen84.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/compare-vm-dashboard.jpg?w=900

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5216849405 4 years ago
I like it!