Deploying Cloudbees on PKS

Instructions to get Cloudbees Core deployed on Kubernetes Cluster operated by PKS

nstall Cloudbees Core on PKS ( assumes NSX T Load Balancers are available for service creation)

  • Ensure you have a storage class created by the name 'default', this storage class will be used by the Persistent Volume claims needed for stateful sets.   ������ To add a storage class store the below YAML file as pks-storageclass.yaml
     kind: StorageClass
     	  name: default
     	  diskformat: thin
     ������ `Kubectl apply -f pks-storageclass.yaml`



  • Untar the file, and follow further instructions to installing cloudbees core as per the link below:

  • If you prefer service type loadbalancer to Ingress, edit the service for the pod ���������cjoc��������� and replace service Type from ���������ClusterIp��������� to ���������LoadBalancer���������   kubectl edit service cjoc  
  • Find the external IP address of the ���������cjoc��������� service external_IP=$(kubectl get svc | grep cjoc | awk '{print $4}')  
  • Access Cloudbees Core Operations Center console by going to $external_IP/cjoc

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