vCollect Products for each vCenter


vCollect provides a PowerCLI scripts that produce infrastructure audit and reports of VMware SDDC (vSphere, NSX, vCloud DIrector, vRealize Automation) environments in CSV or Excel file format.

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    6. vCollect Products for each vCenter


This PowerShell script, vCollect-Products-AllvCenter.ps1 will bring back all the VMs in All vCenter with product information, and return it in a nice list for you that includes:

  1. Data Center
  2. vCenter
  3. Cluster
  4. Host
  5. VM Name
  6. Product Name
  7. Version
  8. Full Version
  9. Product URL
  10. App URL


The information is output as CSV file per server and XLXS/CSV file for all vCenter for documentation purposes or archiving.


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