Running Concourse on vSphere Integrated Containers

Concourse is a open source CI/CD tool. This tutorial provides step by step process to run concourse on vSphere Integrated Containers.


Running Concourse on VIC

Step 1: Creating volumes for containers

docker volume create --opt Capacity=1GB --name postgres docker volume create --opt Capacity=4GB --name concourse-keys docker volume create --opt Capacity=4GB --name worker-state

Step 2: Create docker network

docker network create concourse-net

Step 3: Run the concourse-db container

docker run --name concourse-db
-h concourse-postgres
-v postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/data
-p 5432:5432
-e POSTGRES_USER=postgres
-d postgres

Step 4: Run the Concourse Container

Change the external url in the command below to the fqdn/ip of your VCH. Also, change the DNS server to your environment's DNS server. docker run --name concourse -h concourse
-d -p 8080:8080
-v concourse-keys:/concourse-keys
-v worker-state:/worker-state
concourse/concourse quickstart

Step 5: Navigate to concourse UI and login

Navigate to the 'external-url' defined in step 4 and verify that UI is reachable. Download and install the 'fly' binary on a suitable machine. Login to concourse using vic/vmware from the UI.

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