Workspace ONE UEM Shortcuts for Siri Shortcuts App

The following Shortcuts are for interacting with Workspace ONE UEM (formerly AirWatch) to: 

  • Report the version of Workspace ONE 
  • Look up and take actions on a device by serial number 
  • List all Organization Groups and showing details including number of devices, users, admins. 


Shortcuts app - Available in iOS 12+ 

WS1 Config - Central Config shortcut that prompts for User/Pass, API key, and server name which is used for the remainder of the Shortcuts

The following shortcuts will prompt you to select the WS1 Config shortcut

WS1 Device Lookup - Takes a serial number as input, shows some details of the device, then offers actions to complete (Query, Lock, Send Message, Clear Passcode, Reboot Device, Enterprise Wipe, and Full Wipe)

WS1 Version - Checks the current version of the Workspace ONE UEM Console. Can be activated by saying "Hey Siri, what AirWatch Version?"

WS1 Organization Groups - Lists all Organization Groups and tap on one to show details about that Group

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Comments 2

2791455533 2 years ago
Thanks for these Siri shortcuts. I'm looking to create a shortcut similar to the WS1 Device lookup shortcut, but returns the version of an app installed on the device, with action items that allow uninstall and install commands. I'm thinking this should be somewhat easy by using what you have as a staring point, and adding the App bundle ID into WS1 Config shortcut. I'm not sure on the specific API calls I would need to reference, but looking through the API guide now. Any help or points would be greatly appreciated.
2824796748 1 year ago
Is there anything similar to android?