Postman Collection - Horizon REST API

Postman collection for the Horizon REST API - documented here:

Download Postman at:

Directions on how to import a Postman Collection:

Works with Horizon 7.10 and later


Postman Collection for VMware Horizon REST API
REST API for VMware Horizon 7.10 and later


  1. Install Postman from

  2. Either click the "Run in Postman" button (preferred) or Import the appropriate Postman JSON collection file into Postman

  3. Edit the collection - enter the following on the Variables Tab:

    • Horizon Server FQDN
    • Username
    • Password
    • Domain
  4. Click Update to save the variables

  5. Run the Login request to get the JSON Web Token - you can now run the other requests in the collection until the JWT expires.

  6. Make sure all requests are set to "Inherit Auth From Parent" under the authorization tab.

Horizon Versions

Download the collection for your installed version of Horizon

Horizon 8 (2111)

Horizon 8 (2006)

Horizon 7.12

Horizon 7.11

Horizon 7.10


Chris Halstead - Senior Staff Technical Product Manager, VMware
Twitter: @chrisdhalstead

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